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The North Country Builders team has the experience,  communication skills, confidence, creativity, artistry and integrity to build your new home with exceptional quality and enduring character. 

Leo Keane, owner - North Country Builders

Leo Keane


Leo Keane, North Country Builders, Inc.

The day I walked out of my very last class at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, I approached a building site and asked for a summer job.  Not only did I get the job, but I unintentionally signed up for a 40 year career in the home building industry.  From that first week on the job I felt like I was born to carpenter—to build things.  To this day, I love it.  I love the complexity, the creativity, the concreteness of assembling walls, roofs, windows and doors to enclose a unique space.  Most all of the builders I know are attracted to the industry for similar reasons:  the satisfaction of transforming piles of dirt and truck loads of lumber into something substantial, useful and pleasing.  

It took three years of focused training with my diligent first employer, mentor and builder for me to realize my own dream.  Thus, in 1978 I founded North Country Builders, Inc.  We have been in business continuously ever since, some 37 years.  In that time our company has built and remodeled hundreds of homes and a handful of commercial buildings.  But our heart and soul thrives on home construction—while changing the lives of our clients with beautifully built or creatively remodeled homes.  

Our office and base of operations is centrally located in Whitefish, at 844 Baker Avenue, a stone’s throw from downtown.   The office itself is one example of our work.  We bought an architecturally interesting and historically significant but dilapidated residence and restored it to its intended character, with all the modern day conveniences of a functional office.  We also took care to showcase our company culture of caring for our surroundings—as we do on every building site.  We preserved magnificent trees, and added many more, as well as planting gardens and enhancing our property with interesting landscape features.  We believe in treating the places where we are fortunate to build with utmost care.

We love our town.  Whitefish is one-of-a-kind.  We respect that and are proud to share this wonderful place; our crystal clear lake and clean rivers, our National Park, our Big Mountain and our wide mountain vistas with our many like-minded clients.  Become one of us.  Let’s build your home in Montana; or your vacation cabin if this is to be home-away-from home.  Should you be fortunate to already be a Whitefish homeowner, but could use some of the upgrades our ever-evolving industry is capable of producing, well then, that’s our specialty too.  In fact, I think we’re the best.

I’d love to give you a tour.  Allow me to personally show you our resume of exceptional homes and delighted clients, while showing you also why we choose to build here in Whitefish, MT. 

Liane - North Country Builders

Liane Jett

Office Manager / Bookkeeper / Accountant

Liane is a Whitefish native with strong family ties to the town and surrounding countryside. She has been an office manager, bookkeeper and accountant her entire working career most often with construction related companies.  Liane joined North Country Builders nine year ago. 

We could not do business without her expertise in organizing all that is involved with office management. She is to paperwork like as carpenters are to lumber. 

Summertime finds her swimming in her private lake. In the winter she works toward good health at The Wave Fitness Center. Liane's husband Mike is a heavy equipment operator for Knife River. Liane has one grown son who is also in the building trades in Arizona. 


Allison - North Country Builders

Allison Thomas

Carpenter / Special Projects / Design / Millwork / Finish Carpentry

Allison got her start in the building trades working with several other Whitefish builders. She came to North Country Builders ten years ago and picked up the skills quickly, graduating from exterior finish carpentry to interior finish.

Allison now manages our wood shop where she builds cabinets, doors, furniture and speciality items. With an artistic eye and a skillful use of woodworking tools, Allison is our go-to carpenter for adding special touches to our projects. 

The Thomas' live in the home she and her husband built near Bootjack Lake. They now have two beautiful grade-school daughters. Her husband Pete is an artist, illustrator and web designer for the Zane Ray Group.


Albert Pete

Lead Carpenter / Framing / Exterior Finish / Interior Finish 

Albert is our lead framing carpenter and our longest running employee - 25 years with North Country Builders. Albert knows how to put his head down and work in any weather; a very helpful attribute in our Whitefish climate since we don't stop for winter, or anything else. 

Although he grew up in Whitefish, Albert was born on the Navaho Reservation of Arizona. After high school he returned to Phoenix to learn the building trades in the sprawling suburbs of that fast growing city. 

Now he and his wife, Mary, are happy to live on the family homestead up the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. The Petes have three grown sons. Mary works for the National Park Service in Glacier. 

Dave - North Country Builders

Dave Perry

Design & Estimating / Finish Carpentry / Custom Cabinetry 

Dave came to Whitefish from Seattle to, like so many of us, ski everyday. When that proved to be somewhat unrealistic, Dave jumped into the home building field.  Thirty five years later it has become his career.  

Dave can do it all: framing, all phases of finish carpentry, custom cabinetry and furniture too.  

Over the past five years that Dave has worked for North Country Builders we have progressively moved him out of the field and into the office where we could not do without his excellent computer skills in estimating and design work. 

The Perry's have two sons and a daughter. Dave's wife, Katrin, manages the ever popular Montana Coffee Traders shop on the hill south of town.

Mark - North Country Builders

Mark Morgan

Framing / Equipment Maintenance

Mark is the latest addition to our team, being with North Country Builders for four years, ready and willing to do anything.  We are fortunate to have Mark's tremendous organizational skills.  

He takes care of our tools, our trailers, the dump truck and our job sites.  When these jobs are done, Mark grabs his tool belt and goes to work on the framing crew, or anywhere else he is needed.  

Mark is also our grounds-keeper, mowing the office lawn and tending to our flower gardens. Mark has a grown daughter and a grandson, who he likes to take fishing. 

Cody Ling - North Country Builders

Cody Ling

Framing / Finished Carpentery 

Cody has worked for North Country Builders off and on between school year semesters and between his occasional stints working the salmon fishery of Bristol Bay, Alaska.  He now holds a degree in Industrial Design and Drafting from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. 

When he does get to participate with us, whether on a framing crew or on the finish details, Cody excels with his eye for detail.  We have especially noticed his ability to master carpentry challenges with inventive creativity—a benefit of his engineering pursuits. 

He is an expert snowboarder, an avid fresh-water fisherman and a gifted artist. 

Ready to make your dream project a reality?  We are.