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Our Mission

Craftsmanship, the way it used to be...lives on at North Country Builders. We've been building custom homes in Whitefish, Montana since 1987.

North Country Builders - Craftsman Living Room -
North Country Builders - Master Bedroom

Our Promise

We at North Country Builders have the experience, manpower and woman power, communication skills, confidence, creativity, artistry and absolute integrity to build your new home of exceptional quality and enduring character. 

That is our promise. 

Our Job is to build your dream. 

Our Hope is to encourage your lasting friendship.

Our Ideal is to become your "Builder for Life."


Craftsmanship lives on at North Country Builders.

Craftsmanship regardless the size of your project or the depths of your pockets. 

Craftsmanship that may take your breath away or that it is simply sensed, but not seen. 

Craftsmanship that will stand the test of time, like a classic book or boat.

Craftsmanship you can count on, reliability rest assured. 

High Value Builder

At North Country Builders we have no tolerance for careless or shoddy, no acceptance of oversights.

No time for poorly done. 

We go all out to build the very best your money can buy, or we won't build at all. 

We will not be your low price builder. 

At North Country Builders it comes down to one thing:

We will build the best home of your life.

Ready to make your dream project a reality?  We are.